curvy upbeads tied knotted cellphone chain before the first use


Recently we have received a customer email pointing out that the chain which had just arrived is so curvy and stiff? After a short explanation the mood was back in sight. As we like to be transparent to our customer here are the reasons why we love curves.

Each upbeads is carefully handcrafted in Hamburg, Germany, using only the finest sustainable materials available. Even though every worker has been trained by us to produce this unique chains, each human still has her and his own “signature” of the outcome. This is why every upbeads may slightly vary and this makes it even more special. While the knots may initially give the upbeads a stiff and curvy appearance, after a few wears, it will mold perfectly into a smooth shape, creating a snug fit with no gaps or loose spots. The precision and attention to detail in the crafting process ensure that each chain is unique, and made to order.

In addition to being fashion-forward, upbeads' knotted cellphone chains are also eco-friendly, allowing you to add a touch of style to your phone while making a positive impact on the environment.

Our team invest valuable time to create each upbeads with care, detail, precise craftsmanship and use of sustainable materials, these chains are sure to impress both your inner fashionista and your eco-conscious sensibilities.

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