Crossbody: Cell phone chains to hang around your neck

Crossbody cell phone chains are a practical and stylish way to carry your cellphone safely and comfortably around your body. At UPBEADS you can find the original and stunning handmade wooden beads cellphone chains to wear around your body in various length and colors. The chains are suitable for a variety of smartphone models. Thanks to the click carabiner rings, the crossbody cellphone chains can be quickly attached to any suitable case and can still be used when changing devices.

With a crossbody cell phone chain from UPBEADS, you'll never miss an important call again and you'll always have your phone at hand to catch the perfect moment. Discover our colorful assortment of durable and lovingly knotted cellphone chains to wear across your body, over your shoulder or wear it like a necklace!

Colorful beads and durable cord make these cell phone chains unique

The crossbody cell phone chain to wear across your body are handmade with lots of love for details and care, just like all the other wooden bead cell phone chains in our store. The chains are hand manufactured in Germany by young mothers, allowing them to be at home with their children while financially supporting their families. For the stylish and practical cell phone accessory, we use only prime-quality materials: our beads are made of FSC certified wood that comes from sustainable forestry in Germany. The colorful crossbody cell phone chains made of wooden beads are an absolut eye-catching accessory. You can find them also in bold or more subtle colors. Either way, our cell phone chain are toxin-free as well.

The chain is hand manufactured in an unique method and materials which makes the accessory particularly robust and durable. As the wooden beads remain in place and the smartphone chain withstands even more strenuous activities such as cycling or horseback riding. Due to this robustness, the cord has to be a bit stiff & curvy at the beginning of wearing. You might find the cell phone chain to be too stiff and tied at first, but don't worry: After a short period of wearing, the cord will soften and the crossbody cell phone chain will adapt to the perfect wearing comfort - and that without losing the durability of your smartphone chain.

To attach the cell phone chain to the case or a cell phone bag, you just click in & out the two click-carabiner rings at the ends of the chain. Through these, the cell phone chain can also be attached to other things: Use the chain for different smartphones, as a strap for a little bag or even as a keychain. You have a new smartphone? Have you changed from Apple to Samsung or another manufacturer? No problem: As soon as your cell phone case has rings, you can easily attach the UPBEADS crossbody cell phone chain to the new protective case and continue to use it. Matching Apple and Samsung phone cases for cell phone chains can be found in our store!

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Details der Crossbody Handykette auf einen Blick

  • Handmade in Germany
  • Bright as well as subtle colors
  • Paracord cord from German production
  • FSC®-certified (Germany) beads
  • Diameter of the beads: 14 mm
  • Free from toxins and vegan
  • Available lengths of the cell phone chain Crossbody: 120 cm or 130 cm
  • Freely combinable with any smartphone case or phone case with rings
  • Easy to switch chains between your personal upbeads collection

With an upbeads crossbody cell phone chain, long searches for your phone and missed calls are over: With the unique, handmade smartphone chains you always have your phone at hand.

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Get a cell phone chain from upbeads and do good

With the purchase of a crossbody cell phone chain to hang across your body, neck or shoulder, you not only get a practical and fashionable accessory, but you also do good: For every cell phone chain sold, UPBEADS supports two projects - and you support them directly with your purchase!

On the one hand, we plant a tree for every chain we sell. This way we actively support sustainable forestry and healthy reforestation of forests worldwide. To achieve this, we work with the organization Eden Reforestation, whose goal is to restore forests and alleviate extreme poverty.

In addition to the "Plant a Tree" project, we also support SYNGAP brain research with every sale.

Thanks to upbeads no more searching in your bag is needed

Whether on the road, on the bike or in fast-paced everyday life: The cell phone chains to hang across your body from UPBEADS are your constant companion. Thanks to the chain, which is attached to the cell phone case, you always have your cell phone ready at hand, dangling across your body or shoulder. And even in your bag, you can find your smartphone in no time thanks to the colorful cord including beads.

UPBEADS offers you besides the long crossbody cell phone chains also shorter chains: Discover, among others, our medium length as well as the cell phone chains in shortie, and in mini, which are ideal for the wrist. Like the long cell phone crossbody, the short models can be easily attached to protective cases and cell phone cases with rings - so you can switch between lengths and colors depending on the occasion or to match your outfit.

Order the stylish, colorful cell phone chain in crossbody style: im Crossbody-Stil: Benefit from the unique, sustainable production and robust design and keep your phone always in safe, handy proximity.