Cellphone cases for your upbeads

UPBEADS offers a large selection of handmade wooden bead cell phone chains with sturdy rings at both ends. In order for you to use our unique cellphone chains comfortably, we have matching cellphone cases for your smartphone.
The cases provide best protection for your cellphone and have integrated rings to which you can attach your favorite UPBEADS cellphone chain. Whether worn as crossbody, necklace or as a bracelet, you can use all of our chains and change them accordingly to your mood and occasion. Apple IPhone or Samsung Galaxy: We have our cellphone cases in stock for all Iphone models and some selected Galaxy models. Discover our range of cellphone cases now and show off your cellphone with the most stylish chains from UPBEADS.

Our special cellphone cases for your cellphone chain

Nowadays you see more and more people with cellphone chains in the all around you, in the city on vacation or at parties. No wonder, because people always want to have their phone at hand without having to search in their pockets: whether for a snapshot with friends, to get quick directions to a delicious restaurant on vacation or to check messages. You may have wondered how the detachable cellphone chain works and whether it really keeps your cellphone safe. Of course, there are different ways of attaching such a strap. Some holders have to be placed directly onto the cell phone, others are placed between the back of the cellphone and the phone case. A single ring then protrudes from the opening for the charging socket. While the first solution can leave unsightly adhesive residue, the second solution is not suitable for cases that do not fully enclose the device. In addition, the small ring can break very easily.

That's why we at UPBEADS only have cell phone cases for the cell phone chain with two integrated rings. The one mold design is stable and precisely tailored to your smartphone model. The phone sits perfectly in the case and the case is securely connected to your phone chain via the sturdy carabiner.

The choice is yours: transparent or colored phone case?

Transparent cellphone cases for our cellphone chains are made of durable TPU to emphasize your original cellphone color - whether it is white, gold or green - to its best advantage. The cellphone case securely encloses your iPhone or Samsung cell phone. Even if it lands on the corner or falls with the display facing downwards, the slightly protruding edge of the phone case will cushion the fall. With a cell phone chain, you are even safer on the go. Even if the device slips out of your hand during a daring snapshot or while walking, the transparent case and colorful wooden chain ensure that it can't fall far.

Our colorful cases for your martphone are made of high-quality silicone and combines wonderfully our cellphone chains. Whether chic in subtle sand-grey, spring-like in lilac, cool in black or individual in darker green: the cases have two rings on the bottom to which you can securely attach your UPBEADS cell phone chain. You can either choose the color of your case so that it stands out from the chain or match it perfectly.

Buy cell phone case for cell phone chains now

Colorful or transparent cellphone case to wear: Your advantages

Whether you're looking for a transparent cellphone case and a crossbody cellphone chain or a short cellphone chain that fits perfectly around your wrist - our cases are both stylish and sturdy.

Advantages of our cell phone cases for cell phone chains:

Double protection for your cellphone: shock protection from the case & secured to your body or bag by the strap

Sturdy, integrated rings: for a secure hold and long service life of the case

Transparent phone case: shows off the design of your smartphone to its best advantage

Colored phone case: fits perfectly with different phone chains from UPBEADS

Material: TPU, Silicone

Suitable for: iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, large number of suitable models

Get your cellphone cases and original UPBEADS cell phone chains

At UPBEADS you will find wooden bead cellphone chains original with charm - in different lengths and easily removable from the cell phone case using a ring. By buying a cellphone chain, you are also doing something good. Whether MINI, SHORTIE, MIDI or CROSSBODY cellphone chain to use as a crossbody or wear around your neck: With every chain sold, we support the "Plant a Tree" project of the Eden Reforestation organization and SYNGAP brain research.

Since our foundation, we have stood for sustainability and style. That's why we are proud to be the first company in the world to offer original handmade wooden bead necklaces of unique quality. Get to know our exclusive collection and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.