Cellphone Chains with Colorful Beads

Are you looking for an cellphone accessory that is as unique as you? Do you want to wear your smartphone or keys securely on your body or wrist? Then, UPBEADS cellphone chains with colorful beads are just the thing for you.

Stylish and functional at the same time, they add a playful and lively touch to any look. Durable rings ensure a secure connection between the cellphone case and cellphone chain. They are also beautiful to wear them around your wrist. By the way: The colorful wooden bead chains can be exchanged quickly, so you can always combine the perfect, colorful cellphone chain to your outfit. Discover your cellphone chain with colorful beads in our online store!

Cellphone Chain with Beads: Our Colorful Selection

Whether red, blue, green or pink beads, at UPBEADS you'll find your new favorite bead chain for your smartphone or keys. You can’t choose a color? Our cellphone chains and key chains with different color combinations, including mono- and multi color combinations, offer a unique touch to every day. With UPBEADS cellphone chains with wooden beads, you'll shine in bright colors and will become the center of attention. Whether you prefer bold, delicate pastel or trendy neon colors, our colorful wooden bead cellphone chains fulfill every style desire.

You wish to have your personal and unique color combination and can’t find it in our store, No problem! Just contact us via email or come by at our showroom in Hamburg: We will design your cellphone chain the way you imagine it. You can choose between all our wooden bead colors as well as the different colors of our paracord. By the way: UPBEADS in your favorite color is also a fantastic gift for your best friend or other loved ones: stylish, sustainable, personal and practical.

model holding an iphone with upbeads case attached to a mini pink lady upbeads

Discover the Worlds of Colorful Cellphone Chains at UPBEADS

Our colorful cellphone chains and key chains radiate happiness and joie de vivre. You will certainly feel it again and again when picking up your cellphone or taking your keys out of your pocket. But perhaps you have a very specific favorite color that expresses your personality, or you want to coordinate your bead chain with your outfit. You can choose from our monochrome cellphone chains with a signature bead as an accent color or our cell phone chains with several coordinating colors. Make your life more colorful - with cellphone chains and key chains from UPBEADS. Discover our world of colors here:

  • Cellphone chains with blue beads
  • Cellphone chains with red beads
  • Cellphone chains with green beads
  • Cellphone chains with yellow beads
  • Cellphone chains with pink beads

We also offer cellphone chains with classic white and black wooden beads as well as cellphone chains with creme white beads and in solely natural, just waxed wooden beads.

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flashdance cellphone chain with case upbeads worn as a necklace size is 120cm crossbody pink and yellow and lime colors worn on a model blue jeans and white top

Pendant or Cellphone Chain: Choose How to Wear Your Wooden Beads with Bright Colors

Our cellphone chains with colorful beads are available in different lengths. You can order your cool cellphone chain to wear as a crossbody in 120 cm or 130 cm lengths. The crossbody cellphone chains are hand manufactured from durable cord. There is a silver, round click hook at each end. You can simply click your UPBEADS with the carabiners in and out into the eyelets of our cellphone cases or use another cellphone case with rings. You can also simply attach the carabiners to your key ring and use your UPBEADS as a crossbody keychain.

A crossbody is particularly suitable for wearing the chain across your body. Your smartphone is always ready to hand and at the same time safely protected from a fall. The colorful beads and matching cord add a finishing touch to your style.

Our MIDI cell phone chains are around 100 cm long. So you can wear your keys or smartphone around your neck, like a necklace. They are also a great crossbody length for children and teenagers so that their first smartphone doesn't get lost, or as a keychain while riding the bike. Our colorful cellphone chains are therefore also a wonderful birthday present for young smartphone users.

You can simply wear our short cellphone chains casually around your wrist. As an additional anchor for your phone or as a lanyard that is easy to find in any deep pocket, the colorful cell phone chains with a length of 22 cm are ideal.

model holding an iphone with upbeads case attached to a mini pink lady upbeads

Details about Our Cellphone Chains

  • Handmade in Germany
  • Multi or mono color combinations
  • Made from hand-knotted paracord (German production)
  • FSC®-certified wooden beads from sustainable forests in Germany
  • Diameter of the beads: 14 mm
  • All bright colors are free of toxins and are vegan
  • Available lengths: 22 cm to 130 cm
  • Fits on any cellphone case with rings
  • Quick and easy exchange to different colorful bead chains
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Get Your Colorful Beads for Your Cellphone Chain at UPBEADS

UPBEADS is your store for the original cellphone chains with wooden beads. You will receive your hand manufactured cellphone chain with colorful beads within Germany in 3 - 5 working days. Shipping is free for orders over €70. We ship all orders insured with DHL so that they arrive safely. Are you ordering outside Germany? Find out about the shipping conditions for the EU and worldwide.

With your purchase at UPBEADS, you are not only supporting a women-run store that stands for fair working conditions. You are also doing something good for the environment. For every colorful cell phone chain sold, whether short or long, we support the "Plant a Tree" project of the organization Eden Reforestation.

Your cellphone chain with colorful beads will become your constant companion. This way, you can show off your smartphone and always have it safely on your body or wrist. Say goodbye to the search for keys with a MINI or SHORTIE wooden bead chain or surprise a great person with a gift of the most beautiful cellphone chain. Would you like even more inspiration? Then follow us on Facebook or Instagram.